About Vagamon
located in Kottayam-Idukki border of Kottayam district of Kerala, India. It has a cool climate with the temperature between 10 and 23 °C during a summer midday. It is situated 1,100 metres above sea level.

Aravind Holidays , Vagamon is a family run homestay facility targeting budget conscious families who choose to live in a safe local environment and to  enjoy genuine hospitality with modern facilities. Staying in Aravind Holidays homestay lets you experience a different way of holidaying at Vagamon  which no hotels can offer.  Aravind Holidays is run by a  local family who have in-depth knowledge about Vagamon and it’s surroundings which gives the functionality and convenience to their guests which others can never offer

Regional Insights

The guests at Aravind Holidays homestay have invaluable information about the best things the place can offer. These are never found on a tourist map .  The guests can enjoy a flexible schedule at their own leisure which is not dictated by an  itinerary .

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